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July 20, 2023 1 min read

Surf Spots: River Surfing In Montana 

River surfing fanatic KB Brown is a long-time supporter of ISURUS wetsuits, putting them to the test in the most unlikely of locations and even rock-climbing in them. In this video he's joined by Vans team rider Dylan Graves on an adventure into the wilds of Montana - an epic journey that inspires a fresh perspective to what a surf trip can be.

Here's the teaser of the full video (that you can watch below): 

And this is Dylan's take on the mission:


This is one of the most in-depth explorations into the community of river surfing that we've seen, and ISURUS are proud to have our ambassador KB, and content creator, Joaquin Trevelline along for the ride. 

KB wears the 2mm ZipFree Shieldfrom ISURUS. You can see his profile here.

Part two is coming soon....