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April 26, 2023 2 min read

The Humble Slab Charger... 

This is one of the most awesome lines we've seen in a long time - a casual glide over two ledges at Shipsterns! The charger taking it on is Tyler Hollmer-Cross, proudly wearing his ISURUS wetsuit.

Stu Gibson (@stugibson) perfectly captures the destructive nature of this watery beast, with Tyler willingly paying the price to play. 

If you're wondering how much of a thrashing our high performance wetsuits can take, then this is pretty much the pinnacle of what you'd expect to put it through. Let Tyler be your crash test surfer! 

You don't need to surf terrifying waves to wear our wetsuits, but if you're going to take on big wave monsters then it's probably a good idea...  That's why so many of the big wave surfing crews choose ISURUS to protect them. 


After seeing this clip we had to get some background on what was going through his head taking on this beast of a wave. Below is the clip again in slow motion with him describing what he was thinking... 




Tyler has been wearing ISURUS wetsuits for a few years now and here's what one of the planet's most unsung big wave surfers has to say about their flexible, high performance properties:



Tyler embodies the Ethos of an ISURUS rider, he's humble and ultra family-oriented. When he's not charging superhuman slabs, he's focused on being an epic father & husband, whilst also finding time to work as a house painter. 

We salute him! Keep charging. 


 Photo by: Andy Chiza

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