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May 01, 2023 2 min read

Leave Your Wetsuit Hanging!

Whether you want to take the best care of your wetsuit after each surf, or hibernate your suit for the winter - the best option is to use a hanger. This prevents your wetsuit from creasing when you "fold it up", and allows the wetsuit to breathe better; avoiding the potential for mould. 

We'll run through some tips for both short-term and long-term wetsuit storage options in this wetsuit storage guide.

Storage After Every Surf

See our full guide for details on wetsuit care on how you should treat your wetsuit to keep it in top condition on a regular basis using these 5 tips:

  1. Freshwater rinse after each session
  2. Dry your wetsuit in the shade
  3. Give your wetsuit the occasional shampoo
  4. Take care when taking it off 
  5. Hang your wetsuit up correctly

The guide also includes a helpful 5 things NOT to do to your wetsuit. 

When hanging your wetsuit after a surf, we recommend folding it over a wide hanger. Our preference is the C-Monsta due to it's wide wetsuit rail, durable construction and space for accessories - available here:

C-monsta wetsuit hanger details

Do NOT wash your wetsuit in a washing machine, leave it in a bucket of water, dry your wetsuit in the sun or hang it by the shoulders. Any of these actions will destroy your prized wetsuit! 

Wetsuit Hibernation - Storing Your Wetsuit Between The Seasons

If you like to surf through the seasons then the chances are you have a number of wetsuits with different thicknesses. When storing your wetsuit for a longer period of time it's similar to your normal storage process, but with some additional steps and checks:

  1. Give your wetsuit a very good wash (top tip: use this shampoo)
  2. Make sure your wetsuit is absolutely dry out on both sides
  3. Turn it the right way round (not inside-out) 
  4. Place it on a wide hanger folded in the middle
  5. Hang your wetsuit in a dry space inside

Following these simple steps should ensure that your wetsuit remains in top condition after each surf and between seasons. This reduces the frequency of purchasing a new wetsuit, which is good for the environment and your wallet! 

Gif of surf accessories hanging on wetsuit
image of wetsuit hanging and dog in front of a van

Read our full guide to wetsuit care 

Check out the C-Monsta Wetsuit Hanger