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Gear Aid® AquaSeal Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Cement

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Tears and finger nail holes happen to neoprene wetsuits. Use it to quickly repair tears.

AquaSeal Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Description

Wetsuit repair is simple and easy with Aquaseal NEO Cement. It is a flexible liquid adhesive making repairing neoprene gear easily done within 30 minutes.


  • Fast Acting - Dries in 20 minutes for fast in-field repairs to wetsuits, waders and more.
  • Durable - Available in 1.5 fl oz tube, this tough adhesive bonds to neoprene, latex and rubber.


  • Flexible – Cures to an elastic rubber that stretches and bends with fabrics
  • Abrasion resistant – Coat high-wear areas like knees and elbows to protect against abrasion
  • Waterproof – Provides a water-tight seal to keep watersports gear performing no matter the activity.
  • Store in a cool place, dry place.

About Isurus

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At Isurus, our passion is to build world-class wetsuits that stand up to the harshest conditions the ocean might offer.

Living and surfing in and along the California coast, a frequent topic of conversation was just how much wetsuit innovation had stagnated and quality had deteriorated. It is about designing a wetsuit that improves surfer performance. Click for more about Isurus.