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August 02, 2023 1 min read

The Surfing Evangelist 

Guy Kawasaki is not a typical surf ambassador - he doesn't catch huge waves at Mav's or pop airs at Lowers, in fact he started surfing at the ripe age of 60!

Guy K surfing


What he does have, however, is a majestic level of passion combined with a truly epic aptitude for communication. He possesses these attributes in such abundance that he created a new job role in one of the most well-known companies on earth becoming "the chief evangelist" at Apple. 

He continues in this role of Evangelist for Canva, and counts a number of books and very successful podcast among his achievements. 

One of his most popular "Remarkable People" podcasts features ISURUS' very own Abraham Paskovitz in the hot seat, discussing the "Life Lessons Of Surfing" from the perspective of his unique childhood. 

You can listen to the full Podcast HERE

Guy is the owner of a number of ISURUS wetsuits and absolutely loves them - so when he agreed to talk a little about the details, we were stoked.  Here's what he has to say about ISURUS:

“When you start surfing at 60, you’re racing against the clock. You need the best of everything: wetsuit, board, fin, leash. I’ve learned that Isurus wetsuits mean that ’thin, flexible, and warm’ are not mutually exclusive characteristics.”

Watch his full testimonial below: 


guy surfing