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May 01, 2023 1 min read

Mother Ocean Short Film

This short film documents the extraordinary and unique relationship between humans and the sea. 

Produced by Patrick Trefz, narrated by Ian McRae and written by Christian Beamish - this powerful short film features a number Isurus surfers and footage from a range of expert videographers. 

The result is a gutsy challenge to the energy and raw power of the oceans by those who are brave enough to take it on. 



Mother Ocean
You are always changing
But I know you
Your discipline is harsh
But it strengthens me
Your are relentless
So am I
Show me what you can do
For I am prepared

Grant Twiggy Baker
Anthony Ruffo
Raph Bruhwiler
Grant Washburn
Shane Desmond
Deva Kane
Nic Vaughan

Jaws footage courtesy WSL
The Maui Cartel
Powerlines Production
Dominic Padua
Gareth Kaatze
Kate Lovemore
Jeremy Koreski