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Evade Wetsuit Hood

Size Guide

The latest 2 mm wetsuit hood from the Isurus Evade range.  It will keep you warmer than other 3 mm hoods.

Quick Stats

#39 Yamamoto Neoprene

100% Ti Z-Fleece

Latitude 30° – 40°

45–55°F | 10–15°C Sea Temp

Evade Wetsuit Hood Description

The Isurus Evade wetsuit hood is made from Ti-Z Fleece insulated Yamamoto neoprene. It's impenetrable to wind, exceptionally comfortable and reduces stress on the head and neck. You’ll find the Isurus wetsuit hood to be the thinnest, warmest and most comfortable surfing hood you have ever worn.

Wetsuit Hood Tech Spec

  • Yamamoto #40 neoprene
  • Ti Z Fleece
  • Duraflex® Hardware

Wetsuit Hood Features

  • Mesh Wind Resistant Coating
  • New Brim Design
  • 1 Hand Toggle Adjustment
  • Flush-proof Neck

About Isurus

Isurus logo

At Isurus, our passion is to build world-class wetsuits that stand up to the harshest conditions the ocean might offer.

Living and surfing in and along the California coast, a frequent topic of conversation was just how much wetsuit innovation had stagnated and quality had deteriorated. It is about designing a wetsuit that improves surfer performance. Click for more about Isurus.