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May 08, 2024 1 min read

The Mels - Inspiring Your Next Surf Session

You probably know Pete Mel for his frequent appearances presenting the WSL or for charging huge waves at Mavericks, and John for his progressive & passionate surfing in the QS. 

But if the Mel family have surfing in their blood, then the Freeline surf store is their castle. Opened by John's grandfather in 1969, it was taken over by Pete in 2015 and John's brother, Anthony, has now taken over daily operations. 

This video from 2014 gives an insight into the history of Freeline and the impact of John Senior's love of surfing on three generations of the Mel family. 


Based in Santa Cruz, Freeline is the hub of the surf community, and John and Pete stop by regularly to "help" Anthony out. ISURUS are immensely proud to support the entire Mel family with wetsuits, and if you take the trip to Freeline, you'll gain valuable insights from the whole team. 

This visual portrait of the Mel boys surfing together captures the spirit of that unbeatable shared experience when it all comes together. We hope it inspires you to organise your next surf session with those people closest to you, and go out and get some waves!

As Pete says, "Surfing's fun, and being able to share it with family is the best".

Filmed and edited by Kyle Buthman (@Kyle_Buthman).

Drop by the store to try on an ISURUS wetsuit and see their whole range:

Freeline Surf Store
821 41ST Ave,
Santa Cuz,

The Mels favour the EVADE Series Chest Zip wetsuits. 

For more videos of Pete checkout this article.