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June 05, 2024 2 min read

Curt Myers - Powerlines Productions

Curt and his partner in crime, Eric Nelson, didn't discover Mavericks, nor were they the first to surf it, but their imagery is what revealed the legend to the world. Normally there's no praise for those who put a surf spot on the map, but this being Mavericks, there are natural barriers to serious crowds. 

Back in 1990, when Jeff Clarke convinced two surfers and Eric to surf Mavericks with him, not even hardcore local surfers knew it was spot. This is despite the fact that Jeff had been surfing it since 1975!

It was the footage from the team of El Granada natives that ended up putting Mavericks on the map, with Eric filming from the cliffs and Curt from a jetski, finally there was evidence of the towering 50ft waves tucked behind Pillar Point in Half Moon Bay.

Curt or Eric are not searching for praise or notoriety, they just want to show the world what a “phenomenal place Mavericks is and what a phenomenal wave it is”.

Curt is a humble NorCal local helping big wave surfers get discovered and documenting the most iconic swells as they hit Mavericks. He is a long-time supporter of ISURUS and was one of the first locals, along with Grant Washburn, to test out our early wetsuits.

ISURUS was born and bred outside Mavericks which provided the perfect testing ground for extreme conditions including huge swells and freezing water. Surfers go there to test themselves, and many of them are also testing ISURUS wetsuits. 

We appreciate everything Curt has done to support Isurus.

To really get a feel for how passionate Curt and Eric about sharing with the world their love of this truly mystical break take a few minutes to watch Cole Keetons’s, “For the Love of the Sport”.  You won’t be disappointed.

Curt's motivation now is to support the young riders taking on Mavericks and continue to develop the sport of big-wave riding in a safe and sustainable way. He wants the next generation to take this spot to the next level, and intends to be there to capture all the action. 

Through the Youtube channel Powerlines Productions Curt documents the incredible surfing taking place whenever a swell comes to town. 

Click here to see the 100ft day in 2021 at Mavericks, or below a recent bomb that was ridden at the spot:

The Powerlines logo was designed by the artist Kevin Ancell, and here he recounts that Curt was actually the inspiration for this logo - something Curt didn't know! 

Behind the scenes, this humble NorCal local continues to be an inspiration for everyone around him.