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June 26, 2024 1 min read

New Short Film From Shannon Reporting

Shannon Marie Quirk gets things done!  From producing big wave events to presenting live broadcasts and surfing big waves, she is out there in the mix.

We're excited to present her new film short - a documentary called "Calm Down" which explores her journey surfing big waves in Cantabria, Spain.

Shot through the skilful lens of Fran Rodriguez, Shannon discusses the ups and downs of surfing in competition, and what drives her to search out waves of consequence. 

Watch the movie on Youtube: 

Shannon has her own Youtube channel dedicated to her passion of big wave surfing and she's renowned for her live presenting, both surfing and other sports. 

She's also got Instagram and Tik Tok pages depending on your preference of social media platform. 

More recently she's focused on the growing participation of women at all levels of surfing, and especially when it comes to the extremities of big wave surfing:


ISURUS are proud to support Shannon in her pursuit and coverage of waves, and in turn she provides vital feedback into how our products perform in a range of conditions. Shannon wears a range of wetsuits, from the 1.5mm Ember Top in tropical conditions, through to the 5.4 Hooded Ti Ember wetsuit to stay warm even when it's literally freezing. 




Keep doing what you're doing Shannon, ISURUS can't wait to see what comes next!