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Ti Alpha 6.5 | 5.4

A Wetsuit For Curse-Worthy, Frigid Conditions

The Ti Alpha is built to withstand the harshest conditions Mother Ocean can throw your way. Designed for long sessions in brutal environments where cold - water warmth and dynamic mobility are essential.

Articulated Patterning

• Articulated Patterning.
• Complements the generous stretch of Yamamoto #40 for exceptional mobility.
• Full-reach gusseted underarm panels for mobility and attaches to the single back panel.


• Warm Core > Warm Hands
• Keep the core warm and your extremities stay warm The best way to keep our extremities warm is to keep the core warm


• Weightless Warmth
• Insulated with ultralight weight micro Z-Fleece that is smooth on the inside and light as a feather. So you can surfer warmer and longer.

Yamamoto #40

• Warmth Without Weight
• Water logged wetsuits are heavy and tire you out faster.

All Way Stretch

• Stretch that keeps its shape and molds to every angle of your body


Thinner | Lighter | Warmer

• Warmth Without Bulkiness
• No More Thick, Heavy, Water-Logged Wetsuits To Tire You Out

“I've had my Ti Alpha 54 out in the Pacific NW with 12 degree air and 42 degree water. I have used many other brands over the last 20 years up here and have never been as warm. The suit is super stretchy… I am very happy to be able to stay out longer when it's firing.” – Peter H.


Arms Up Design
Improved Paddling Efficiency

• Single Under-Arm Panel
• No Seams for Better Stretch
• Zones Of Titanium Z-Fleece Strategically Placed To Warm Your Core

“Both air and water temperatures were 45F° in NH. Waves were shoulder high with stiff 10-15 mph offshore wind so... I did stay in the water for 2 1/2 hours. No problem at all! The “arms up above the head” works. There was absolutely no shoulder restriction. Well done!” – Peter U.

Why Does Arms-Up Design Work

The Zipfree line is designed with “Arms-Up” which puts you in the optimum paddling position. Wetsuits are designed with the arms hanging at your side. Works great for streetwear, not so good for paddling. Think of how much restriction you get when you try to raise your arms overhead when wearing a heavy coat.

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Better wetsuits start with better materials

✓ 20% More Stretch & Warmer than #39 Yamamoto
✓ Only absorbs 2% of Its Weight In Water.
✓ No Critical Body Heat Is Wasted Warming A Cold Water-Logged Wetsuit
✓ Cold-water Robs Your Body Of Heat 25x Faster Than Air.

“The new Isurus wetsuits with #40 rubber are at another level. Ther is no other wetsuit that is even close in stretch, ightweight and warmth. And I have tried them all.” Art R


Titanium Alloy Coating On Neoprene (Yamamoto’s Patent)

Yamamoto Claims Heat Retaining Property Increased By 20%
Extra Warmth With No Added Weight Or Thickness
If Yamamoto’s Titanium Coating Is So Good, Why Isn’t NASA Using It?

NASA Does. It is used to reflect heat off the Space Shuttle. So it does not burn up on re-entry. The same Yamamoto patented Titanium Coating used on the Space Shuttle is used on the Ti Alpha wetsuits (only thinner).

Gives You Extra Warmth With No Added Weight & Thickness


• Additional Panel Over Lower Back Area
• Increases Body Warmth and Energy

An additional low back panel, or “CORE” temperature regulator is extremely important. As the Kidneys|Liver are the body’s main blood filtration organs where all blood passes. Constantly circulating and warming from the core – then out to the furthest extremities.

This, combined with the improved circulation from Isurus Compression Design, increases body heat and enhances energy levels and shortens recovery time.

We believe lighter is better
Absorbs only 2% water


• No Heavy Water-Logged Wetsuits
• To Weigh You Down
• Keeps You Less Fatigued. Gives You More Mobility

“This is, hands down, the best wetsuit I've ever owned, and I've owned a shitload of them in my 40-plus years as a surfer, the last 17 of which have been in NorCal. My Ti Alpha 5/4 feels as light and flexible as a 4/3 and is as easy to get on and off as a 3/2. I'm skinny, which means I'm prone to getting cold (the fastest way to ruin a good session), so the one thing I don't hesitate to splurge on is a good wetsuit.” – Steve H.


When You Get Cold Your Reflexes and Balance Are Impaired

• You Don’t Surf As Well
• Keeping Your Core Warm is Essential

“This suit makes surfing in the Northeast winter enjoyable. All my buddies wear RipCurl Flash Bombs and Excel Drylocks etc. and they never last as long as I do in the Isurus 5.4. Super toasty, but very light and flexible even after a 3hr session. This suit has held its own for me in 30mph windy/drifty blizzards with water temps in the mid-low 30s and air temps/wind-chills in the teens”. – Mike I.

Why do Isurus wetsuits keep you warmer?

✓ 20% More Stretch & Warmer than #39 Yamamoto
✓ Yamamoto Neoprene only absorbs 2% water compared to 40-60% with competitive wetsuits.
✓ You don’t get cold as fast because you don’t waste precious body heat warming a cold water-logged wetsuit.

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Full Compression wetsuit

The Lightest Most Flexible Technology

• Compression Increases Blood Flow To Your Muscles
• For More Warmth and Oxygen For Endurance
• Anatomically Cut Panels Mold to Your Body For A Better Fit

“My third Isurus suit. They are so good I won't buy anything else now. It has transformed cold water surfing for me. I live in the UK and they are so good that I hardly ever wear gloves now as my core is so warm. I can't rate them highly enough.” - Adrian H.

Quick Drying

Starts Lights, Stays Light, Dries Fast

Only 2% Water Absorption

“Where I live 2 hours below the Scottish border the water is pretty cold! This makes us surfers more tuned in with the quality of wetsuits out there because we feel every flushing, pinhole leak etc My first impression was how incredibly light it is, seriously.

The second thing about this wetsuit is how flexible it is. I have really broad shoulders and usually have limited range of motion with other brands but this has been the first suit where i've really felt unrestricted in the upper body! stoked.

The wetsuit is considerably warmer than my other winter wetsuits, unsure if it is the yamamoto rubber but the fact that it doesn’t flush at all like most other suits really makes a difference.

I'll only be wearing Isurus in future!” – Richard G.

Built to Last

Wetsuits eventually wear out. On average wetsuits made from Yamamoto Rubber last longer than those made from conventional neoprene.

Dr. Warren Kramer World Surf League Orthopedic Surgeon

One Of The Top Experts For Treating Surfers with Shoulder Injuries

“I have treated too many surfers who tore their shoulder ligaments getting into and out of tight, poor fitting wetsuits.

The Isurus Zipfree allows for exceptional ease of entry and shoulder flexibility...

I rarely give testimonials, but I believe in Isurus.

Dr. Kramer, World Surf League Orthopedic Surgeon

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Gloves for Curse-Worthy, Frigid Conditions

• 5mm Warmth In A 3mm Glove
• Contours To Your Hand For Added Dexterity And Warmth
• Fits Like A Second Skin, Almost Zero Water Absorption

“The 3mm gloves are warmer than my 5mm. Water temperature today was 45F degrees. The glove never took on water. Other gloves absorb water and you have to stop and make a fist to squeeze out the water. Not the case with Isurus. They stayed light and warm the whole time.” – Keith S., Jersey Shore

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We believe there is no better testing Ground for wetsuit

Proven in the Elements

We believe if the wetsuits can perform in the cold, heavy waters off Mavericks, we are confident you Isurus Wetsuit will perform for you at your local break.

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