Ember 3.2 Womens Chest Zip Wetsuit

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The latest 5.4 titanium-lined hooded winter women's wetsuit from the Isurus Alpha cold water wetsuits range.

Quick Stats

#40 Yamamoto Neoprene

Latitude 30° – 40°

55–65°F | 3–9°C Sea Temp

Model pictured wears a size 8: Height _’10” (___ cm), Weight ___ lbs (__ kg), Chest __” (__- cm), Waist __" (__ cm), Inseam __" (__ cm)

Ember 3.2 Women's Wetsuit Description

Wetsuit designed for women who deserve a performance wetsuit that is super warm and lightweight.  Made from 100% Yamamoto #40, upgraded from #39 making it making it 25% stretchier. The Ember 3.2 wetsuit only absorbs only 2% of its weight in water.  No wasted body heat warming a cold water-logged wetsuit.

The “Arms Up” design makes paddling a breeze. No more sore, aching shoulders.  The first 3.2 mm compression wetsuit designed specifically for women.  Surf longer and warmer in the Ember 3.2 wetsuit.

Wetsuit Tech Spec

  • Yamamoto #40 neoprene
  • Salmi® Zippers
  • Duraflex® Hardware
  • Bluesign® & Oeko® Certified Jersey

Wetsuit Features

  • Supercharged Compression
  • Chest Zip
  • Arms Up Design
  • Bio-Mechanical Lat Panel
  • Muscles Stabilization Technology
  • Silicone Pre-Tensioners
  • Gutter Balls
  • Key Pocket

About Isurus

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At Isurus, our passion is to build world-class wetsuits that stand up to the harshest conditions the ocean might offer.

Living and surfing in and along the California coast a frequent topic of conversation was just how much wetsuit innovation had stagnated and quality had deteriorated. It is about designing a wetsuit that improves surfer performance.

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