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Shield Zipfree Wetsuits

Shield Zipfree Wetsuits

Rider driven simplicity
Full-on performance

We created the Zipfree wetsuits from the ground up. Focusing on function and simplicity. The wetsuit is specifically designed to be ultra-light, flexible with extreme mobility. While still keeping you warm

Surf Hard and Fast.
This Wetsuit Won’t Hold You Back

Shield 3.3 Zipfree hooded

4 mm Warmth In a 3 mm Wetsuit

• Ultra Warm, Yet Lightweight
• Less Weight And Rubber To Tire You Out

“By far the best, most form fitting suit I've owned over the last 25 yrs of surfing! Literally felt like an extra layer of insulating skin rather than a wetsuit. Have my eye on the 2.2 for the future!” - Jeremy M.

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3.3 | 2.2

Thinner | Lighter | Warmer

• Imagine Wearing Your Wetsuit 1 MM Thinner

“Unreal suit! Crawl into your own personal shark skin and blast lips without weighing 300 lbs in water weight. Stoked!” – Mike S.

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Shield Long Sleeve Springsuit & Short Arm Fullsuit

It’s Like Wearing a Second Skin

• So Light You Don’t Even Know You’re Wearing It

“This is my favorite wetsuit I have ever owned in 20 years of surfing. I actually prefer surfing in this suit over board shorts. It is so light, feels like a second skin.” – Art P

We believe to build the best wetsuit You need to start with the world’s best rubber

Super Stretchy Yamamoto Neoprene

• Warmth Without Weight
• No Wasting Your Body Heat Warming a Cold Water-Logged Wetsuit

Why do Isurus wetsuits keep you warmer?

Fact: Cold-water robs your body of heat 25x faster than air. Yamamoto Neoprene only absorbs 2% water compared to 40-60% with competitive wetsuits. You don’t get cold as fast because you don’t waste precious body heat warming a cold water-logged wetsuit.

“Who would believe this... I surfed all winter in San Diego in a 2 mm zipless. IT’S THAT WARM 🔥 Never in a million years imagined wearing a 2 mm in January” – Mike J

Ultra Lightweight
Warmth without weight

Absorbs way less water

• Keeps you less fatigued
• Less rubber to tire you out

Why are Isurus zipless wetsuits so light?

Isurus wetsuits made from closed-cell Yamamoto neoprene only absorb 2% water weight. Most wetsuits absorb 40-60% of their weight in water depending on their age. Less weight, so you don’t tire as fast.

“O man! This wetsuit changed my life!
This wetsuit when wet is lighter up to 8 pounds the rest of the market! I’m just lighter which allows me to turn almost as if I didn’t have a wetsuit!” Arthur R.

Quick Drying

Starts Lights, Stays Light, Dries Fast

• Only 2% Water Absorption
• Means your wetsuit dries super fast
• No More Putting on a Cold, Clammy Wetsuit
• Perfect for those double session days

"The rubber is so silky... Not to mention it doesn't hold any water and dries super quickly. You could have a session in the morning and by your afternoon session your suit is dry without having to stick it in the sun.” - Sanan D.

We believe design matters

Arms Up Design

• Zero Paddling Restriction
• Why Does Arms-Up Design Work?

The Zipfree line is designed with “Arms Up” which puts you in the optimum paddling position. Wetsuits are designed with the arms hanging at your side. Works great for streetwear, not so good for paddling. Think of how much restriction you get when you try to raise your arms overhead when wearing a heavy coat.

“You guys are onto something in wetsuit design. There is a dramatic difference between the Isurus 2.2 zipless and my “other brand” 3.2 when it comes to wasted arm energy. Much less resistance and immensely improved paddle endurance.” - Matthew H.

Super charged Compression wetsuit

The Lightest Most Flexible Technology

• Compression Increases Blood Flow To Your Muscles
• For More Warmth and Oxygen For Endurance
• Anatomically Cut Panels Mold to Your Body For A Better Fit

“My other wetsuit is a distant memory.” – Andrew Z.

Zipless Wetsuit Entry

Remarkably Easy to Get Into and Out of

• Single Back and Leg Panel Increases Flexibility
• Improved Entry Reduces Flushing

Meet Craig. “After 3 shoulder surgeries I thought my surfing days were over.” Craig couldn’t even put on a wetsuit. Then a friend suggested he try the Isurus zipless

20 Seconds to put on

Dr. Warren Kramer World Surf League Orthopedic Surgeon

One Of The Top Experts For Treating Surfers with Shoulder Injuries

“I have treated too many surfers who tore their shoulder ligaments getting into and out of tight, poor fitting wetsuits.

The Isurus Zipfree allows for exceptional ease of entry and shoulder flexibility...

I rarely give testimonials, but I believe in Isurus.

Dr. Kramer, World Surf League Orthopedic Surgeon

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"Stoked!!! Yeah dude, I’m still using the 3.2 Alpha from 2 years ago!!!! I still can’t believe its still MADE WITH LIMESTONE holding up, I normally am a 2 - 3 wetsuits a year guy lol."
– Chris B., Former Surf Shop Wetsuit Buyer

*Yamamoto neoprene has a much higher nitrogen cell content than competing materials. And, this high cell ratio found in the Limestone based, Yamamoto neoprene, also results in lower water absorption and increased durability over petroleum based suits. Yamamoto rubber made from limestone, unlike natural rubber, does not deteriorate as quickly when exposed to sunlight

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