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June 20, 2023 1 min read

Out On A Limb: With Twiggy Baker

This series of short films were shot back in 2018 and first shown in 2019. They provide inspiring insight into Grant "Twiggy" Baker's deep relationship with surfing. Surfing has had a major impact on every area of Twig's life and hearing him recount some of his epic sessions and what it's taught him makes for classic watching. 

If you've not seen this series, then it's well worth the time to hear from one of the most motivational big wave surfers out there. Someone who's given it his all and taken his share of spills on the biggest waves on earth. 

Episode 1: Mavericks

Why he loves Mavs:

Episode 2: "Twiggy"

Where did his nickname come from, and why you shouldn't buy an Isurus wetsuit:

Episode 3: Peahi

Relives his 2019 Ride Of The Year nomination for Peahi:

Episode 4: Dungeons

Surfing Dungeons in South Africa: 

Episode 5: Training for Nazare

Just trying to figure it all out:

Episode 6: Surf my life away

What has surfing done for Twiggy?


Episode 7: Young guns

Up and coming competitors are changing the game, for the better:


Episode 8: 2 Wave Hold Downs

How can you prepare for a 2 wave hold down at a big wave spot?


Episode 9: Foiling

He's got all the gear and, after 2 years, some idea - copying the kids, Twiggy talks about what he does when there are no big waves to conquer:

 Read Grant "Twiggy" Baker's full ambassador profile HERE.