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September 28, 2023 2 min read

Why Isurus?

The Isurus name was chosen out of respect to a genus of shark more commonly known as the Mako Shark. It is an apex predator and an exceptional species of shark for may reasons.

Fastest Shark In The Ocean

It is the fastest shark in the ocean reaching an incredible swimming speed of up to 35 mph in short bursts. 

They Get Serious Air

This speed lets them jump 20 feet out of the water when feeding, they can pretty much fly! 

They don't make the ideal sailing companion, so avoid letting them on your boat! 


Thermal Properties

Like Great White Sharks, Mako sharks are endothermic - meaning they can retain a body heat in excess of the surrounding water to allow an active lifestyle.  At ISURUS our wetsuits are designed to deliver the same objectives - keeping you warm and active for longer.

These incredible abilities make them a fish to revere, but there's more to appreciate from this species of shark. 

Other Mako Shark Facts

They are powerful and large sharks that grow slowly over their 30 year lifespan, but can reach lengths of 13 feet. Found in warm and temperate waters across the world they have an 18 month gestation period and females reach maturity around halfway through their lives. 

They are mainly oceanic, not coastal, so there's not much chance you'll get the opportunity to surf alongside these majestic creatures. Sadly, there is limited environmental conservation work being undertaken for the Mako shark and as a result of bycatch it is considered vulnerable and threatened by extinction.

Typically a solitary animal, they feed on fish as well as other sharks and have been known to make long migrations of up to 5500 kms. 

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