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March 13, 2024 2 min read

Now Showing - Instagram Highlights 

Even if you are on Instagram, you may have missed some of the exceptional footage that ISURUS has been proudly posting on the channel. 

A mixture of airs, barrels, cold and tropical - something for everyone and well worth a few minutes of mind-surfing. We've collected our most recent, most viewed videos and compiled them here for your viewing pleasure:

 First up, a superb angle of Max Beach getting pitted very close to the shoreline:


We love it when ambassadors show off the thermal properties of our wetsuits in cold weather, and this trip to the Arctic certainly brings the chills and thrills of a cold water adventure to life:


Jade Morgan's impromptu surf sessions have a more pop and rail than a trainload of bubble wrap:



 Ryan Augustine slaying the beast of Mavericks with pristine style:



Glassy lines and solid barrels from Joe Coury:



Another barrel from Max Beach, but in the tropics this time (and at least double the size!) - he's travelling to find the best waves wherever they may be at the moment!  


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