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1x Surfer's Bundle

Introducing the Ultimate Surfer's Accessory Bundle!

We have selected four of the most popular ISURUS surfing accessories and bundled them together to make it simple to get them all with one purchase. 

Our Surfing Accessory Bundle is specially curated to meet the needs of surfers who want to take care of their wetsuits. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just catching your first set, these top-quality accessories are designed to enhance your surf sessions and keep your gear in top condition.

What's included in the Surfer's Bundle:

Click on the links to view the individual products:

1. Isurus Icon Patch Hat 

2. C-Monsta Hanger 

3. Wetsuit Changing Mat

4. Gear Aid Wetsuit Shampoo

This Surfer's Accessory Bundle is the perfect gift for yourself or your fellow surfers.

It's designed to make your surfing experience more enjoyable, convenient, and gear-friendly. Embrace the surf lifestyle with confidence, knowing that your equipment is well-cared for and your style is on point.

Invest in your passion and get the most out of your surfing experience with this bundle. Ride waves like a pro, backed by top-quality accessories from Isurus Wetsuits.

Don't miss out on this incredible deal. Order the Ultimate Surfer's Accessory Bundle today and experience the thrill of the waves like never before!

About Isurus

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At Isurus, our passion is to build world-class wetsuits that stand up to the harshest conditions the ocean might offer.

Living and surfing in and along the California coast, a frequent topic of conversation was just how much wetsuit innovation had stagnated and quality had deteriorated. It is about designing a wetsuit that improves surfer performance. Click for more about Isurus.