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Aegis 222 Mens Wetsuit Top

Size Guide

A Yamamoto neoprene wetsuit top with 2mm torso, shoulders and arms.

Quick Stats

#39 Yamamoto Neoprene

Latitude 30° – 40°

64-70°F | 18-21°C Sea Temp

Note: size LTS is designed specifically for a surfer build with long arms and legs where a MT is too short on the arms/legs and the LT is too loose.

Elite 222 Wetsuit Top Description

Pullover 2mm wetsuit top designed for the performance surfer looking for a competitive edge.

Wetsuit Tech Spec

  • Yamamoto #39 neoprene
  • Closed Cell Ultra Light
  • SCS Smoothy Heat Retention

Wetsuit Features

  • Supercharged Compression
  • Chest Zip Entry System
  • Quick Drying – 98% Hydrophobic
  • Muscles Stabilization Technology
  • Color: Stealth Black/Gun Metal Grey

About Isurus

Isurus logo

At Isurus, our passion is to build world-class wetsuits that stand up to the harshest conditions the ocean might offer.

Living and surfing in and along the California coast a frequent topic of conversation was just how much wetsuit innovation had stagnated and quality had deteriorated. It is about designing a wetsuit that improves surfer performance. More about Isurus.

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